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Creating your own podcast has never been so easy!

Anchor is a ridiculously easy and free to use platform which enables users to create their own podcasts and get their podcast distributed on 12 platforms without paying a ridiculous amount! Anchor is also easy to use and have amazing customer support! 

Ever thought about starting your own podcast? But are unsure on where to even start? Don’t worry, I have the perfect suggestion for you. Anchor is a brilliant and 100% ridiculously easy to use and it’s completely FREE and doesn’t require any microtransactions.

If you’ve got a brilliant idea for a podcast but don’t even know where to start? Anchor has a brilliant platform in which you can record and distribute your podcast online. Anchor allows you to even record from your mobile phone! The quality of the recording makes it seem as if you are recording on a high-quality mic! So not only is it free to use the platform it’s even free to have your podcast dotted around distributors like Itunes and Spotify, it’s amazing!

Who needs to spend hundreds on a podcast to be distributed?

To get started click here.

Anchor has some amazing tips on how to get your podcast heard throughout platforms. Anchor has just started a monetization program in which you can use to get sponsorships and get paid for your podcast. So hard work on a free platform pays off.

Kudos to Anchor for being such an amazing website for starting a podcast. Just remember 100% free and easy to use, you won’t be disappointed, I’m not!

Whenever you want to upload a podcast think about what you want your target audience to be, maybe you’d like to talk about something interesting like your life story? Or like me my obsessions?

Anchor provides fast support too so if you’re ever struggling with anything you can contact their support directly and they will answer your problem as soon as possible! Their support team is all so kind and they ALWAYS solve your problems effectively and efficiently.

So thank you, Anchor, for providing an easy way to start podcasting!

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