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Itzy: Dalla Dalla reaches 50 million views in just 1 week.

Hi, I am finally back after some time away from blogging, however I am back with a lovely post dedicated to a JYP group who have recently debuted. Dalla Dalla is a bop and I adore this new group so much! I shall always stan Twice though!

Branded one of the best debuts, I can’t be so proud of Itzy for their achievement and hard work that has finally paid off. Itzy have reached their first milestone, they recently reached 50 million views on YouTube in just one week of debut, Itzy was trending number 2 in the United Kingdom on YouTube.

UK fans where you at!

I can’t wait to see more from Itzy! Also Twice are making a comeback in April I’ve heard!

트와이스 #TWICE Likey Japanese version.

Hello everyone,

After a long break, I am back to blogging! I hope you all had a splendid Christmas and new year! Happy Monday everyone!

I was super happy when Twice announced their 2nd best album #TWICE2 which will be released March 6 2019! And I can’t wait for that!

Also Blackpink reached another milestone. DDU DU DDU DU reached 600 million views on YouTube and I can’t be more proud of the girl group. Here’s to more awesome milestones.

Plus, as soon as Blackpink announce their European tour dates (hopefully the UK) me and my cousin are going to see them in concert, we have already planned when and how we will see them!

I can’t wait!


Time to bring the KPOP blog posts back everyone, I’ve accumulated some followers on Twitter, I’ve retweeted mutual accounts who advertise members who like certain KPOP groups. I can’t wait to make some new friends who like Twice, Blackpink, G-IDLE & more groups.

I’d like to talk about my favourite members in every group. I’ll explain what they mean to me and why I love them more than the other members. (Comment below your favourite members from your group!).

Before we begin have you listened to my Christmas special podcast yet? If you haven’t. Listen here.

Twice – Jihyo

Jihyo is my goddess. There’s something about Jihyo which really stands out to me, her singing voice above all the other Twice members gives me goosebumps. Honestly! She’s drop dead gorgeous and to be honest she’s changed so much from her dramatic weight loss (although she wasn’t even fat beforehand). She’s seriously so inspirational, I’m so proud of Jihyo


After her solo single SOLO, Jennie has been standing out to me more than the other Blackpink members, I used to stan Lisa because of her amazing rapping skills but in DDU DU DDU DU Jennie has proved she’s also a rap god too! That’s what caught my attention.

BTS – Jungkook

I adore him, he’s just handsome af! Don’t you agree? I’ve listened to a couple of BTS songs and I really love them, at the moment I can’t really determine who I enjoy out of the group, we will find out in due course.

G-IDLE – Jeon So-yeon

Jeon is our rap goddess! After listening to KDA POP/STARS I’ve honestly fallen In love with Jeon. I love Hann too, I’ve only just started listening to this group. So I might fall in love with someone else!


I’d like to mention a few KPOP artists/bands, I have started listening to, thanks to Spotify and their playlist KPOP Daebak.


Cute! That’s all I’m saying, If you’ve never listened to Holland you should. Here’s a music video that you will hopefully enjoy. Click here.


I absolutely adore their song SOME. I shall be listening to some of their songs in the future.


I absolutely adore EXO and their song Tempo. Once again I shall be listening to their music whenever they upload.

WEEKLY LISTENS: 10/12/2018

Hello everyone, its time for my KPOP weekly listens. Unfortunately there will be no podcast airing tomorrow, however, I still have blog posts planned for this week. Mentally Obsessed will return Tuesday 18 December for Battle for Azeroth.

Weekly Listens

  • Dua Lipa ft Blackpink – Kiss and Makeup
  • Blackpink – DDU DU DDU DU
  • Twice – Yes or Yes
  • Blackpink – Forever young
  • Red velvet – RBB
  • EXO – Tempo
  • Jennie – Solo
  • iKON – Love Scenario
  • Red Velvet – Bad boy

There you go, there’s my 10 weekly listens. If you want to get into KPOP I suggest you listen to the KPOP Daebak on Spotify.

See you on Wednesday for another post!

Kpop keeps the family entertained, they love to sit there and watch!

There’s nothing more amazing than seeing your family sit and enjoy your favourite KPOP song. My little sister Lacey loves TT by Twice, she even attempts to do the dance too, so does my little brother Kian who struts around the room doing the TT face but instead of pointing down he points toward his eyes.

Me & my little sister always play DDU DU DDU DU on Just Dance, the dance is pretty intense if I do say so myself. Although Lacey always smashes it!

Well done Lacey! I asked my little sister to order her favourite KPOP song in order. Here’s what she said:

Thanks Lacey for giving your list of favourite KPOP songs. Now we both have something in common and we both will be playing all of these songs!


Weekly Listens

I’m going to list my weekly Kpop listens in a top 10, 10 my least listened to and number 1 the most listened to KPOP tune.

Before we start this list, did you listen to Let’s talk Blackpink? If not CLICK HERE to listen on available platforms.

Congratulations Blackpink on reaching 500 million YouTube views!

What are your weekly KPOP listens? Or what other songs have you been listening to? Comment below.


Congratulations Blackpink’s DDU DU DDU DU for surpassing 500 million on YouTube. 

Blackpink have reached another milestone in their career as a group. The girl band represented by YG Entertainment has finally surpassed 500 million views on the platform YouTube. There was a race and battle for Twice and Blackpink to reach 400 million (As if it’s your last Blackpink & TT Twice) however, Blackpinks iconic ddu du ddu du has passed them!

Congratulations girls!


Tuesday 20 November at 5.00PM GMT Mentally Obsessed airs on platforms such as Itunes, Anchor, Spotify and more! A full list can be found here

Hello everyone, Monday marks the day. Mentally Obsessed becomes live tomorrow, if you’re not already aware, the podcast episode is focused entirely (we do go off topic a bit) about BLACKPINK. I am super excited to share my podcast with everyone!

My aim is to turn Mentally Obsessed into a podcast so listeners can interact with me via social media networks and links throughout my websites. The PODCAST will also be streamed live to YouTube using their new premiere feature which I oddly have access too. Blimey!

Now, as I am introducing KPOP into Podcast form, I am going to introduce something new to Mondays which might be KPOP related or something completely different. I haven’t decided as of yet.

Mentally Obsessed isn’t just going to focus entirely on Korean pop. I’m hoping Me and Julia can share some crazy and weird dreams with each other.

If you have any suggestions then please, feel free to comment below or get involved via social media.

You can watch the premiere of Mentally Obsessed: Let’s talk BLACKPINK here.


After school club is a talk show where KPOP artists come on to discuss their albums, singles, and achievements with show hosts Jimin, Seungmin, and Heejun. 

Waking up at 4.04 am to watch this show is not as bad as you think. Seriously. It’s broadcasted at 1.00 PM KST on Arirang TV but is also streamed on social media platforms such as YouTube and Facebook.

I am seriously waiting for the day ASC have Twice back on the show to discuss their achievements.

I feel blessed waking up at 4 AM and seeing my favorite KPOP artists. Being able to interact with the artists too via Google hangouts is absolutely amazing. It hasn’t happened to me yet, but when Twice is on the show (If they ever are again) I shall try and get a space on the show.

If you’re interested in KPOP I suggest you watch this show. (Don’t worry. The show is on YouTube if you forget to wake up at 4.04 AM).

Enjoy this blog? Please spread the word :)