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Birmingham Comic Con. I MET ASA BUTTERFIELD

Wowie! What a really good day I’ve had. I’ve never felt so many different emotions in one explosive day before. Let me just say, the event managers at MCM Comic Con organized the event SO WELL!

At first, I was absolutely quivering with fear when I stepped into the Arena, luckily me and my sister was near the front. It freaking awesome to see everyone dressed in their cosplays! Absolutely amazing to see some League of Legends cosplays too, my KPOP self was so proud! KDA vibes!

FOLKS! I can confirm that Asa doesn’t listen to Twice, however, his roommate does. What a legend! Asa Butterfield is one amazing kind hearted individual. It was such a pleasure to get my photo taken with him, and get his autograph too! It’s hung up on my board above my computer. The board above my computer has information to suicidal hotlines, so whenever I am about to attempt suicide or even feel low I can gaze at my photo with Asa and see that life is worth living.

The lady who accompanied Asa wanted to read my blog, that was amazing! So I hope she enjoys reading it!

I didn’t take as many photos because my phone died unfortunately. And I thought iPhones were supposed to be reliable! Shame!

On terms of my Mental Health, It was at bay, but I had to dose up on Medication before I set out of the house.

Had such an amazing day! THANK YOU!

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Poppy Deyes is simply AMAZING!

There’s no one more delightful than Poppy Deyes. I’ve never fallen in love with someone and their writing in my entire life. Poppy Deyes writes so perfectly and I am honestly jealous!

I decided I should dedicate this appreciation post to one kind, enthusiastic blogger who deserves everything!

Poppy Deyes is a Brighton based Blogger who blogs about Lifestyle, Food and a variety of other subjects. Poppy is related to the popular YouTube sensation Alfie Deyes who is in a relationship with Zoe Sugg (Zoella)

Poppy has a beautifully designed website, everything is so put together and so readable. I AM OBSESSED, She inspires me so much! OH MY GOODNESS! Her Instagram stories are on another level!

If none of my readers are aware of who Poppy Deyes is you need to start reading her blog posts. Seriously you will become obsessed ! Like me.

She inspires me. I want my blog posts to be successful as hers. Poppy? How’s it possible angel!! Let me know!

My all-time favorite blog posts is a blog post about why you should have goals. Reading these kinds of blog posts make me want to achieve my goal 100 times more. I am totally inspired!

I will continue to read Poppy Deyes’ blog posts forever.

​Huzzah for Poppy Deyes!

Appreciation post: Asa Butterfield.

Happy Sunday everyone,

Slightly different than my regular schedule, however after binge watching films with Asa Butterfield In, I HAVE TO write an appreciation post to him.

If you’re thinking “Rhys, who on earth is Asa butterfield”? Well, let me tell you. Have you seen Boy In striped Pyjamas, Enders Game, Journeys end, Sex Education? You should if you haven’t seen any of those movies! – I know Asa best from his phenomenal performance in the British film Boy in Striped Pyjamas.

Want to up your fashion game? Look at Asa and the way he dresses! His fashion sense is so inspirational. For my moms wedding I decided to wear braces. as I saw from a picture in which Asa had posted. I’m ALWAYS looking through his Instagram posts to determine which outfit I should steal next. ASOS, I’m coming for you!

Sex Education blew my mind after me and my cousin had finished the show. It was a rollercoaster ride of emotions. The cast of sex education were outstanding and played their roles so well. But Kudos to Asa who played the role of Otis so WELL & I’ve warmed up to him, and can’t wait to see more films and shows with him in.

I’ve seen Journeys end 3 times and I just can’t get enough of it, it’s so sentimental, beautifully written and it just makes you think about all those soldiers who fought for our freedom. I cried the first time, you’ll know why I cried when you see the film. WATCH IT! & tell me what you think!

Dear Asa, I hope one day we could possibly meet up for a drink and a spot to eat. LOL, I’m laughing to myself while writing this because it WILL not happen … so I all I can do is dream and show my appreciation on this post. Asa continue to play your roles so well and continue to show off your outfits so I can look great in my clothes! Thank you for the smiles, tears and goosebumps.


See you Wednesday for another blog post!


Happy Monday folks, Meghan Yeah is the agenda.

So, I kind of ran out of ideas for what to write on KPOP this week. I can reassure you that next week will be kpop related.

Now, this week I’d like to dedicate a blog post to a wonderful streamer called Meghan Yeah, who never fails to make me happy whenever I can’t sleep at 1 am in the morning. She’s different to all the other streamers, we’re not just fans, we are her friends too!

Meghan streamers regularly and streams games such as Halo, Red redemption 2 and many more. If you can’t sleep at night like me Meghan yeah streams between 1 am and 6 am, she normally sticks to a regular stream schedule but it does vary sometimes.

She has one of the best communities and moderators a streamer could ask for, they are all so loving and kind.

If you’re interested in watching Meghan, she streams to YouTube, Mixer and Twitch just search Meghan Yeah.

She’s always so energetic, happy and most of all she’s funny! I donate to her whenever I can because I want her to be able to continue to stream. I’ve also spoken to her 1 to 1 on some occasions just to express my love for her streams and to keep up the good work. She’s an ace streamer and I wish her the best of luck!

Meghan Yeah deserves the all the best and she deserves to become more popular. She words incredibly hard, and I can’t believe I have actually spoken to her on a 1 to 1 basis, she is so awesome and I hope the relationship between her and fans increases throughout the years of her streaming. Here’s to more positive streams!

Let me know in the comments if you’ve ever watched Meghan Yeah’s streams!

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