About Me

Hello, I’m Rhys. I am a Blogger, Podcaster and KPOP enthusiast from Dudley, West Midlands. My podcast, called: Mentally Obsessed – Is a podcast about my current obsessions, I also discuss and talk to various celebrities who relate to my current obsessions. I have interviewed people such as: Patty MattsonTaylor GrayJellyzaur, Laura Post, Loremaster Aasil and Danielle McRae.  I like to also discuss my ongoing mental health illness on my blog called “Riice”. I have also written for the Mental Health foundation explaining my emotional dysregulation disorder. 


Where can you find me?

I have a various different social media accounts in which you can get in touch and interact with me on. So Don’t be shy, give me a follow and let’s talk about Mental Health, KPOP or anything you’re obsessed with.

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Twitter is my most used app. Normally I love to showcase my podcast episodes on there. But I also tweet about various other stuff too.


Sometimes, Instagram can be neglected. I normally use Instagram to upload interesting photos. I mainly use stories though.


I have a discord account in which you can get in touch with too. I am normally present in the Mentally Obsessed discord group.


Want to come and watch me play some interesting games? I'm a bit new to Twitch but I've really been enjoying it so far.

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People who inspire me!

Wee Claire (Claire Lim)

Presenter, Podcaster

Patty Mattson

Voice Actress

Achievements In 2019

  • Mcm Comic Con
  • Interviewing
  • Buying a mic
  • Building the MO community
  • Wonderful people I've met
  • Feeling a lot happier.

One of my many achievements of 2019 is being able to attend MCM Comic Con as press. I was able to represent my podcast and I was able to experience the event in the eyes of the press. I thank MCM Comic Con so much for the opportunity! 

Another highlight of 2019 is being able to Interview the Banshee Queen from a popular MMORPG World of Warcraft. I am so glad I was given the opportunity to interview Patty Mattson which started my obsession with Interviewing guests. 

Another highlight of 2019 was being able to have a lovely conversation with the wonderful Claire Lim (Wee Claire). We discussed Mental Health, how to get into panel hosting and more! To this day, I watch her streams and I enjoy them a lot. Thank you Claire for inspiring me!