Birmingham Comic Con. I MET ASA BUTTERFIELD

Wowie! What a really good day I’ve had. I’ve never felt so many different emotions in one explosive day before. Let me just say, the event managers at MCM Comic Con organized the event SO WELL!

At first, I was absolutely quivering with fear when I stepped into the Arena, luckily me and my sister was near the front. It freaking awesome to see everyone dressed in their cosplays! Absolutely amazing to see some League of Legends cosplays too, my KPOP self was so proud! KDA vibes!

FOLKS! I can confirm that Asa doesn’t listen to Twice, however, his roommate does. What a legend! Asa Butterfield is one amazing kind hearted individual. It was such a pleasure to get my photo taken with him, and get his autograph too! It’s hung up on my board above my computer. The board above my computer has information to suicidal hotlines, so whenever I am about to attempt suicide or even feel low I can gaze at my photo with Asa and see that life is worth living.

The lady who accompanied Asa wanted to read my blog, that was amazing! So I hope she enjoys reading it!

I didn’t take as many photos because my phone died unfortunately. And I thought iPhones were supposed to be reliable! Shame!

On terms of my Mental Health, It was at bay, but I had to dose up on Medication before I set out of the house.

Had such an amazing day! THANK YOU!

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