My phobias – things that frighten me.

We all have a phobia. I have many.. some really bad, some I’m getting used to now. Dive into my phobias. What phobias do you have? Comment below and let me know!


My number one fear has got to be spiders… I am petrified of them- I can’t be in the same room as one; they give me the shivers. I can’t eat my food if I see a spider on the television. I have to get rid of them. My motto is ‘Outside they go, otherwise they will procreate’.


Clowns aren’t that bed but at the back of my mind they’re still scary to me. I’m watching IT as I’m writing this and it gives me major goose bumps. Here’s a story; I was walking back from work after finishing a long shift and these sightings of clowns were all over the news. I have to walk through this ally way to get to my house and I saw something in the middle of the ally way so I quickly went an alternate route and quickly called my assistant manager to tell her what had just happened.


I had a major fear of heights. I wouldn’t be able to get on a roller coaster ride without my legs shaking from fear. Safe to say I don’t have the fear of going on rides, but I still can’t go on super high rides.


I have a strange fear of little holes all together. It sends me nuts. When I was young my older sister had a doll which she could practice her hairstyles on. To torment me she used to pull the hairs apart so I could see the scalp and there was all these little holes. I used to HATE it.

Closing my eyes in the shower

I wouldn’t say this is a phobia but it’s a fear, whenever I’m in the shower I hate closing my eyes for a split second, my brain just imagines what might be behind me; a spirit, a demon … but most of the time it’s nothing and my imagination gets the best of me.


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  1. Laveccia says:

    I have many phobia, especially to butterfly and skinship, it’s little bit awful for me because it’s impede me to be social in real life.

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