Questions I get randomly asked about my sexuality by others.

Hello everyone, I decided to republish this blog post I wrote not long ago on my old website.

I just wanted to share with you guys questions I get asked randomly about my sexuality by others who are curious, VERY curious. These questions are asked too many gay guys. I don’t mind answering these questions however after a bit they do get annoying and repetitive. Have you got asked questions that are random? Let me know. 

Are you a top or bottom? 
This question is asked 99% of the time. My answer is always bottom. 

Following on from are you a top or a bottom, have you ever topped? 
I answer yes, I have topped once or twice… I don’t like the experience, I’d prefer bottoming. 

If you’re a bottom how do you clean? 
This question I have no problem answering, people are curious and it’s good to learn about a gay guys experience. I use a Enema – It’s a good tool to help getting you clean properly for anal sex. 

When you’re having sex how does he get it in?
Funny enough this question pops up more than are you a top or bottom. It’s so weird that people ask that question. But i never know what to say to them… so I usually just say the same way that a Man get’s it in a women? Its not as hard as you think. Just need to find the right position. 

Do you use dating apps? 
Yes. I do use Grindr sometimes. If you are unaware of what Grindr is its a gay dating app where you can meet guys online. Sometimes the app can be really weird… loads of people don’t want to date they just want sex! 

Do you consider yourself camp? 
When in my working environment I try to not be as camp as I would be outside of work. I do like to keep some professionalism. 

Do you have a gay dar?
I do like to say yes, however sometimes you can’t tell if someone is gay, you can always jump to conclusions and someone might not even be gay? it’s embarrassing right? 

His gay, why don’t you hook up with him?
I dislike it when people do this, I admire their attempt to help me getting a boyfriend however not everyone who is gay is my type.

What would you tell someone who is in the closet to come out to their parents?
It’s the hardest thing to come out to your parents, I was nervous when I told my Mom and what she said to me afterwards made me smile “Rhys, I already knew, and I don’t care who you love, as long as your happy.”.  Loads of questions probably go around your head about what will happen and what will she do? Your parents should love you no matter what. If they don’t they don’t deserve your love – but more than likely your parents will already know and they are waiting for that special day you sit down with them and tell them that you love men or women. 

Have you been to a gay bar yet? 
Yes, I’ve been to a gay bar, I went to bar diva in Dudley Town center, let’s just say I probably won’t be going back to that place.

It’s completely different from my normal blog posts about Mental Health and KPOP, however I wanted you to know even more about me.


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