New Years Eve traditions

Hello everyone, new years eve is quickly approaching and believe me, I can’t wait for 2018 to be over!

There’s nothing more exciting about getting prepared to party and celebrate the end of either an amazing or dreadful year. For me, I’ll be saying goodbye to a meh kind of year, It’s been okay, but it’s also been bad. So It’s kinda in the middle.

Here’s my new years eve traditions:


My tradition on New Years Eve is to go out with my family and purchase a bunch of party food. Iceland is the go to store for all this yummy party food!

Alcohol PINK GIN!

This year, my go to drink for New Years eve would be Pink gin and lemonade with a LOT, i mean A LOT of ice. There’s nothing more refreshing than Pink gin and a lot of ice. Normally on New Years Eve I drink Strongbow dark fruits or any other kind of cider.

Celebrating with loved ones

Depending on what’s happening at the end of the year I normally go out with my friends and we normally do a small pub crawl, although you can never beat the enjoyment of partying and chilling with close family on New Years eve.

Falling asleep before 12

LOL, this has actually happened before, I was that drunk one night, I can’t remember which year, but I fell asleep before 12 and missed the fireworks.

New outfit

I like to treat myself to a brand new outfit for New Years Eve, I might do that this year, although I have a splendid outfit for this occasion.

There you go folks! There’s my New Years Traditions. I hope you have a really good end to the year party! Please tag me in your new years photos!

See you next year! HAHA.


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