It’s CHRISTMAS EVE! OH MY GOD, how fast has this year gone? Unbelievably quick and I can’t believe I’m going to be 21 next year.

Christmas is a positive time of the year, however, it can be a bit stressful to some people who may have Mental Health issues. There is obviously more positiveness than there are cons, unfortunately, they are there. It’s a pain in the butt that Christmas can sometimes affect someone’s Mental Health.

In my Podcast which is coming out 25 December at 5.00 PM GMT, Me and my friend Charlie wen’t into a short discussion about Mental Health on Christmas. Although I’d love to talk more about it in more depth.

Listen to my Podcast by clicking here.

Christmas anxiety.

I think Christmas can sometimes make me anxious, I worry about buying others presents when realistically I can’t afford it. So this year I’ve told family and friends NOT to buy for me as I cannot buy back. Christmas has been really tough this year because of Universal Credit. It’s a struggle, Universal Credit has caused me many problems throughout this year, I’ve been waiting so long for psychology to begin, while I’ve been waiting I decided I am not ready to return to work. I have an assessment with Universal Credit on the 29 December to determine whether or not I am fit to return to work. I do get a bit of Money from blogging through Advertisements on my Website,

The advertisements are provided by Google & are 100% safe.

Christmas can be stressful

Christmas can be incredibly stressful for people, they have to worry about a-lot of things. You have to worry about what to get, have to worry about Money and if you can afford it, you have to worry about when to go shopping around your working hours, you worry if you’ll have enough time to even shop because you are working way too much. I feel incredibly sorry for NHS staff who have to work throughout Christmas. How do they even get time to go shopping?

Will your kids be impressed?

Parents sometimes worry about buying for their children as some children out there are ungrateful and can cause their parents a lot of grief for getting them the wrong gift or not an acceptable item. I remember one Christmas my auntie bought my brother a ben 10 action figure, bearing in mind my brother has Autism and he disliked Ben 10 so he threw it in the bin. Oops! Now my auntie always makes sure that she gets him the right gift.

Christmas can be enjoyable

Despite all these cons, Christmas can be an enjoyable time of the year, family get togethers, a sh*t load of chocolate, a sh*t load of alcohol, splendid Christmas music, Christmas decor and trees.

Opening new gifts

Opening new gifts is one cool thing to do on Christmas, it’s so exciting to find out what you’ve got and what you asked Santa for.

Christmas movies with family.

One of the nicest things on Christmas is sitting on the sofa watching Christmas movies with the family. Heating on full blast and loads of Christmas snacks, its so delightful.

This post is getting incredibly long now. I hope everyone has a lovely and enjoyable Christmas filled with happiness and joy! The next blog post will be up on December 31. Taking some time off blogging to enjoy time with my family.

Plus due to some complications with moving to a new host. As a result of this issue my main website won’t be relaunched as of yet. I am still awaiting more information from my provider, so I’ll let you know if anything changes.



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