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I’ve had so many new ideas for blog posts and I just can’t stop writing. In today’s post, I’d like to share with you my Christmas eve routine and traditions.

Have you got any traditions that your family uphold? Let me know in the comments.

Christmas Eve is one of the most exciting days of the year. We’re all so ready for Christmas to finally be over, but as for siblings and other young people, you can’t control your excitement! Even now as an adult the excitement is real. The magic is still there regardless of age.

I didn’t touch upon this in my podcast Christmas Special which airs Christmas day. Are you going to be listening? I’ve always wanted to share my Christmas routine and traditions, so here goes nothing! I can’t wait to share the Christma Podcast special with everyone!

So as soon as it hits 12 o’clock on Christmas Eve Eve and it becomes Christmas Eve I’ve already become a 100 times more excited. I will attempt to go to sleep but that isn’t happening. I can’t sleep regardless of if it’s Christmas or not, so as soon as I get to sleep and wake up Christmas Eve morning, I blast Christmas music and sometimes wear a Christmas jumper too. I also have a little dance with Siblings to keep them occupied and not focused on the dreaded time going past, because whats worse on Christmas Eve is watching the time go by. It goes incredibly slow.

While I was working I’d always get up and dread Christmas Eve because most of the time I’d be working, but the atmosphere between staff was always so magical. It was a pain in the butt to work on Christmas Eve… because you get so jealous when you see everyone the other side of the bar getting absolutely hammered. This year I don’t have to endure that pain, but I do miss bar work sometimes, but I love blogging more!

But, On Christmas Eve I’d normally see my family and my Mom would always put on a Christmas spread in which we can all indulge in Christmas snacks before we all hit the hay. Another family tradition is getting new PJS on Christmas Eve. They’re always so comfortable. Do you share this tradition?

I also can’t resist a tipple on Christmas Eve, I used to drink Advocaat with lemonade which creates Snowball. Jesus, that drink is absolutely delightful.

Nothing relaxes me more than having a super warm shower before I go to bed, It makes me extremely tired and it does sometimes help in getting me to sleep too.

As I have younger siblings I normally help my Mom bring all the prezzies down and put out the “stuff” for Santa, we normally put out a mince pie and Whiskey. Santa loves Whiskey.

Did I mention doing all of the above drunk? Lmao, of course we’re all pi**ed as a fart, because who on earth doesn’t have a drink on Christmas Eve? Well, my family do and believe me, we all love drinking. The main drinks for Christmas Eve is Advocaat and Lemonade which creates a lovely alcoholic drink called Snowball, believe me. You’ll love it!

After everything’s complete and all the presents are under the tree we all head to bed (my siblings are already asleep by when we go to sleep).

But before I go to sleep I normally catch up with Zoella and her Vlogmas vlogs. They are always so therapeutic.

What is your Christmas Tradition? Let me know in the comments below! or Tweet at me Rhys_Smart or Rhys_Blog.

Merry Christmas ALL! 🙂


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