Hello everyone, there is just 4 days to go until Christmas Day. Are you excited? Now, you can never be too old for a list of what presents I’d like. Let me know in the comments what you want to open on the big day in your own list.

Are you looking forward to the podcast episode which is going live on Christmas day at 5.00 PM GMT, Get more information.

Being an adult now and being able to buy my own stuff doesn’t really make the day as exciting or magical. When I was a child, I’d be super excited right about now and I wouldn’t be able to sleep AT ALL.

I did a Christmas list last year when I attempted blogmas. That failed! However next year I am going to pre-write and think of blog posts to do next Christmas. (Yeah I am already thinking of next Christmas).

Anyway here’s my Christmas list of 2018!

Positive Mental Health

Yes I get it, this is not a materialistic item you can get for Christmas. But one thing I would love is positive mental health.

Xbox one X

So 2019 will hopefully be the year in which Halo Infinite comes out. I don’t have an Xbox, but I am hoping 343 Industries will release it on PC!

Sh*t loads of chocolate

As I am a big lover of food, I’d love to stuff my face full of loads of chocolate on Christmas day!

To be successful

Now 2019 is hopefully going to be a good year for myself, I have my article going live on Mental Health foundation on January 14 2019. Not heard what time it’s going live, however, you’ll be the first to know.


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