I’m Rhys Smart – a podcast host, blogger and Twitch streamer. I focus on creating creative content for my readers, listeners and viewers. My main goal is to become a presenter on TV. I’ve always had a passion for media and gaming too.

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My podcasts

I host and produce the Mentally Obsessed podcast. I started podcasting back in 2018 with my friend Julia, since then my podcasts have improved and evolved. 

Mentally Obsessed

Mentally Obsessed is an ongoing podcast that discusses obsessions, mental health and celebrity interviews.

Riice, what is it?

Riice is a blog created by Rhys Smart. It’s important to showcase the brilliance of how reading other peoples stories can inspire other people to make change in their life, Mental Health is such an important topic that needs to be addressed more throughout the world, Riice is a blog in which people can read and relate to posts regarding Mental Health. Korean Pop music has became main stream in today media, there’s nothing more uplifting than hearing Korean Pop. It links to the topic of Mental Health, it has helped me control and enjoy my life. I wouldn’t say I’m 100% but I’ll get there! Enjoy your stay. Get in touch if you have a story to share: mh.support@rhyssmart.co.uk.

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I’m having such an awesome time on the platform, here’s a list of games I like to play on stream. Come on over and say hello!


I've recently started to play Fortnite, really enjoying it.

Star Wars Battlefront

May the Force be with you!


I adore Halo, I'm playing the Halo franchise on stream.

Call of Duty

Really enjoying Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Plunder.


An interesting stream game to play. I play with viewers.

Welcome to my site! RSLOGO

Titanfall 2

I started to play Titanfall 2 on stream.

Killing floor 2

I can't wait to start playing this on stream with viewers and Chrissi.

World of Warcraft

Zero to Hero, currently trying to master the art of a Priest.


I am starting to play horrors on stream. Time to be scared!


A weekly stream dedicated in discussing mental health and well being.


Here’s a selection of selfies that might interest you – these will be updated, as often as I can. Achievement selfies will be placed here too. 

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